Film Titles
Martin Stitt / Scala Productions

The feature debut of BIFA-nominated director Martin Stitt, whose acclaimed short films have been selected for the Venice and Sundance Film Festivals. Martin's first feature film, produced by Ian Prior at Scala Productions, is a cautionary psychodrama telling the story of the dangers of engrossing love and the depths of desperation.

subtractor was commissioned to produce title animation, in-film title cards and closing credits roll. The simple use of slashes was used to subtly imply the passing of days and months, referencing one of the key elements in the film's slowing unfolding narrative, whilst the reshuffled order of the words play on changes of tone and perspective within the story as it progressed.

The film has recently been nominated for 'Best UK Feature' at the Raindance Film Festival 2015.

Love Me Do promo image


Identity Design
Raising Films
Hope Dickson Leach / Raising Films

A screen ident for Raising Films, a community that aims to challenge existing structures surrounding the film industry, to help filmmakers continue their careers in conjunction with having a family, or wanting to start one.

For more information, or to join the community visit the Raising Films website here.

Sound Design
Beached Whale b/w Ghost in the Machine

Beached Whale b/w Ghost in the Machine is the second ZELT release, and the first from a series of edited and augmented improvisations recorded, one per week, over a period of nine months in the new ZELTmusik studio.

Identity Design
Various Artists

A visual identity created for the Football vs Art exhibition in Camden, London during 2014. The typography was inspired by that of British tabloid headlines, overlaid on imagery in an intrusive manner for impact in keeping with the classic football chant, 'You're shit arrrrgh!'.

Alongside creating exhibition graphics and promotional material, Steve was a contributing artist with his piece '...God Created Coalville Town'.

Visit the exhibition's online home here.

Film Titles
Random Acts: WALTZ
Rankin Film Productions

Filmed in the fading holiday resort of Towyn, North Wales, 'Waltz' is a documentary, poem and allegory, '...transforming moments of innocent escape into a rapturous release from natural demise in monochrome slow-motion'. It was presented as part of Channel 4's Random Acts arts film strand.

Directors: Sam Blair & Edward Edwards
Executive Producers: David Allain & Jess Gormley
Senior Executive Producer: Rankin
Music: Lukid

Watch more films in the series on Rankin's site here.

Limited Editions
Curl Up & Dye

A series of five 10" x 12" digital prints onto acetate exhibited on a lightbox. A piece by Steve Baker designed to 'explore the graduation between physical effort and psychological motivation'.

Limited Editions
...God Created Coalville Town

Two teams from the sharp and flatter ends of the English football league pyramid system, substituted to amplify the size of gap between the top level and the grassroots of the game. Each individual fan was painstakingly hand-painted onto green baize, Steve's homage to his childhood Subbuteo cloth.

Exhibited as part of the YOU'RE SH*T ARRRGH! group show at Collective, Camden High Street, London. June 2014.

Photographs by Mark Cocksedge.

Identity Design
Fable Pictures
Faye E J Ward / Fable Pictures

subtractor was commissioned to create an on-screen ident for the production company of Faye E J Ward, producer of forthcoming feature film Suffragette, starring Meryl Streep, Helena Bonham Carter and Carey Mulligan.

Limited Editions
A Battleground of Egos

A one-off, hand-made, 52-page book compiled from previously unpublished work by Steve Baker.

The pieces were collected by sifting through old sketchbooks and archival CDs of unused work, spanning 17 years.

The stock was sourced in a similar way, by rummaging through scraps of paper found in obsolete folders in his loft – next to dusty Leicester City FC fanzines from the 80s, and even grubbier preserves (a Manchester United one).

A free PDF version of the book can be downloaded here.

Film Titles
Maradona '86
Sam Blair / Passion Pictures for ESPN Films

Titles and graphics for ESPN's highly regarded 30-for-30 series. The short film was directed by Sam Blair and produced by Oscar-winning John Battsek for Passion Pictures, premiering at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.

The film was pieced together entirely from archive footage, with subtractor supplying a title card, in-film captions and montages, and closing credit roll. The visual language of the titles was designed to create the degraded and cheaply-printed impression of found vintage newspaper print samples.

Film Titles
Call It A Night
Samantha Harrie / Touchpaper Television

An animated title card designed for Samantha Harrie's short film, Call It A Night. The film formed part of 2013s 'Coming Up', a British Channel 4 television series made by new directors and writers. As a reference to the film's aesthetic (described as 'Belfast council estate meets Pulp Fiction'), subtractor used broken neon and naïvely kerned typography to bring togther (at last!) film noir and kebab shop chic.

Type Design

A custom monoline display typeface designed for use in film titling or editorial design. Influenced by vintage digital displays and the 'Nixie Tube' clocks used for broadcast media in the 1960s.

Film Titles
Personal Best
Sam Blair / Magnified Pictures

Titles for Sam Blair's 2012 documentary feature, Personal Best, following the stories of four professional athletes striving to compete in the 2012 London Olympic Games. The film was jointly funded by Adidas and the British Film Institute.

subtractor was commissioned to create the opening titles, captions, end titles and in-film information graphics.

The film went on national release and was named in The Times Top 100 Films of the Year, as well as being longlisted for the Evening Standard Film Awards for best documentary.

Printed Matter
A Film About Turner
Mike Leigh / Thin Man Films

Mike Leigh Turner brochure cover

A brochure designed for Mike Leigh's forthcoming biographical film about the famed English painter, J. M. W. Turner. The booklet was sent out to potential investors and project partners.

The brief called for an understated solution which communicated the 'work in progress' stage of the film's development. This was interpreted through the use of an elegant iteration of 'Courier' for the typography, coupled with cloth binding tape inspired by traditional formatting of screenplays and scripts.

Mike Leigh Turner brochure spread 1

Mike Leigh Turner brochure spread 2

Mike Leigh Turner brochure detail 1

Mike Leigh Turner brochure detail 2

Mike Leigh Turner brochure detail 3

Mike Leigh Turner brochure stack

Sound Design / Packaging
28° 8' N 86° 51 E

ZELT album artwork front

ZELT is an instrumental musical collaboration between D Adams and P Seddon. The debut release 28° 8' N 86° 51 E, completed in 2012, was the culmination of systematic improvisation and layering to create a 40 minute composition in four parts.

The music and accompanying artwork were inspired by the travails of the early Everest pioneers. subtractor created a limited edition map-folded piece of artwork created in conjunction with the release. The artwork was hand silkscreen-printed in cyan and white on GF Smith Colourplan board and newsprint, in two colour-ways. A limited number of copies are available via the ZELT website.

ZELT album artwork rear

ZELT album artwork two colourways

ZELT album artwork detail 1

ZELT album artwork detail 2

ZELT album artwork folded

ZELT album artwork part unfolded

ZELT album artwork fully unfolded

Concept Development
RAAK Generative Brand Identity

RAAK website detail

RAAK is a digital media agency which specialises in using social media to develop relationships between organisations as diverse as MTV, the European Union and Ben & Jerry's, and their end-users. Every element of RAAK's work celebrates digital collaboration, utilising resources such as crowd-sourcing for creative and research projects.

As part of a brand review subtractor proposed a series of generative branding systems which highlighted this interaction. The example shown does this by allowing website visitors to create custom letters for the logo using a smartphone application which when submitted would be seen in realtime on one of a series of LCD screens in RAAK's studio environment via a webcam. The live feed also acts as the RAAK website masthead and shows the studio at work in 'real time'.

The concept is designed to create a direct link between both user & organisation, and digital & physical environment.

Using RAAK logo smartphone app

RAAK logo smartphone app

RAAK website homepage

Limited Editions

Steve Baker Stickmen overview

50,000 pencil-drawn stickmen on an A0 piece of cartridge paper.
Exhibited at The Brick Lane Gallery in east London.

Steve Baker Stickmen work in progress

Steve Baker Stickmen detail

Limited Editions

Achtung poster colourways

A collaboration with Sabine Leitner and Serena Sundai resulted in a series of hand screen-printed posters highlighting the potential financial cost as a consequence of the world's dwindling bee population. Serena is the designer behind the identities for Sam Rodick's (Coco de Mer) Bondage for Freedom and Bees in Bondage charities.

Achtung poster black detail 1

Achtung poster yellow detail

Achtung poster black detail 2

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subtractor is a small group of multi-disciplinary creatives collaborating on graphic, audio and digital design commissions for the arts, media and culture sectors.

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